Port dues and rates

If you use the facilities of the port of Harlingen with your seagoing or inland waterway vessel, you are liable for the payment of port dues to Port of Harlingen. The amount of the inland harbour dues depends on aspects such as the vessel’s cargo capacity and the quantity transshipped. A charge is also made for using public moorings (quays, jetties and waiting stations)

Ship’s waste levy

Waste is subject to the payment of a levy. The amount of the levy depends on whether any waste materials are deposited. More information about the collection of ship’s waste can be found in our Port Waste Plan (Haven Afvalstoffen Plan, HAP). This information is given in the download links at the bottom of this page.

Rates and invoicing

The rates for the use of Port of Harlingen are set annually by Port of Harlingen in consultation with all those concerned. The rates are available as PDF downloads at the bottom of this page.
Port of Harlingen invoices the costs on the basis of the information you submit. Your agent submits your statement of seaport dues.

New to our port and/or self-employed captain

Do you not have a shipping agent? Or is this your ship’s first call to the port of Harlingen? Please register with Port of Harlingen before you submit a statement of seaport dues.

Discounts and exemptions for seagoing vessels

Port of Harlingen offers various types of discounts on sea harbour dues. This includes seagoing vessels that frequently call at the port. Port of Harlingen also applies various exemptions for seaport dues. You may be granted an exemption for a training ship, a warship or a hospital ship, or seagoing vessels that only visit the port to dock and/or have repairs carried out at a Ship Repair Facility. Would you like to know whether you are eligible for discounts and/or exemptions? Please contact us.

Discounts for partial loads, inland waterway vessels

Inland waterway vessels that do not transship the full cargo capacity may be eligible for a reduced rate. The port dues are calculated on the actual loaded or unloaded tonnage, with a minimum of 50% of the payload. To qualify for this reduction, you must send us your waybill within 24 hours of departure from the port.