Reporting ship’s arrivals

Seagoing vessels putting into the port of Harlingen must register their arrival in advance with the Port of Harlingen Port Authority unless they have been given an exemption.  Ship’s arrivals must be reported 24 hours in advance. This is usually done by a shipping agent, but some vessels and shipping companies have their own account for the Portbase Port Community System.



More information about our registration policy for ship’s calls and other mandatory notifications, such as security, waste, hazardous substances, crew & passengers and infectious diseases is given below

Booking a berth

Before reporting your ship’s arrival electronically, you will need to book the berth in the port with the relevant terminal operator. To book a berth at a public quay or jetty managed by Port of Harlingen please contact the Port Authority during office hours on telephone number +31 (0)517-723 300 or send an e-mail to In urgent cases, you can contact the Traffic Control Centre outside office hours on telephone number +31 (0)517 – 412 512.

Registration of seagoing vessels

All seagoing vessels that call at the port of Harlingen are subject to mandatory registration pursuant to the Notification and Communication Regulation (Regeling Melding en Communicatie Scheepvaart, RMCS) and the Harbour Ordinance. The registration is made electronically using the registration portal designated by the Harbour Master: the Portbase Port Community System. A ship’s call must be reported 24 hours prior to arrival, unless there is an exemption under the RMCS.

You (or your ship’s agent) are responsible for reporting your ship’s call. You must also report changes to the visit electronically as soon as possible.  That way, all government agencies connected to the Maritime Single Window have up-to-date and reliable information at all times.

Exceptions to the reporting obligation for seagoing vessels

The following types of seagoing vessels are exempt from mandatory electronic reporting pursuant to the Notification and Communication Regulation:

  • Fishing vessels with an overall length of up to 45 metres;
  • Pleasure craft with an overall length of up to 45 metres;
  • Hulls/seagoing vessels under construction which do not yet have a permanent or temporary certificate of registry;
  • Warships, pilot vessels and KNRM lifeboats.

Mandatory reporting and exceptions for inland waterway vessels

Inland waterway vessels must report to the Port Authority at least three hours before arrival. This can be done during office hours by telephone on +31 (0)517-723 300 or 24/7 or by sending an email to A berth at a public quay or jetty for inland waterway vessels must also be booked in advance.

Notification of infectious diseases

Do you suspect there may be an infectious disease on board the vessel? If so, you must also report this by sending a Maritime Declaration of Health via Portbase or by sending an e-mail to Our Port Authority passes on this information to GGD Fryslân, the Port Health Authority for the port of Harlingen. This organisation will coordinate any necessary follow-up measures together with you, your shipping agent and the Port Authority. You will find more information about reporting infectious diseases in the flyer below. An example of a Maritime Declaration of Health is also given below.

Other mandatory notifications

As well as reporting your arrival and departure, you must submit the following reports to the Port Authority via the Portbase portal:


  • Security
  • Waste (waste notification)
  • Dangerous Goods

New to the port or independent captain

Do you not have a shipping agent? Or is this your ship’s first call to the port of Harlingen? In that case, please register with Port of Harlingen before you report your ship’s call or submit a statement on port dues.