About Port of Harlingen

NV Port of Harlingen is an independent port authority, with the municipality of Harlingen as its sole shareholder. We are responsible for the economic development, management, maintenance and operation of Harlingen’s ports. We are also responsible for maintaining the safe and efficient control of shipping. We do this for and in close cooperation with our partners.

Short lines

We are an accessible port authority with short lines of communication with the companies and other partners. This enables us to respond quickly, bring the right people into direct contact with each other and provide targeted support. We are developing the port of Harlingen into a powerful regional port. We are doing this through clear direction, entrepreneurship and cooperation. That way we are creating a port that benefits local residents, companies and other partners from Harlingen and the Northern Netherlands.

Our roles

As a port authority, we are a facilitator, energiser and director. We are constantly aware of these three roles. This enables us to be a decisive business partner for our companies and other partners. At the same time, it allows us to be a place that provides value and employment for the residents of Harlingen and the Northern Netherlands. That’s how we create a stable, effective, safe and sustainable basis for a professional and versatile port.

Our mission

We promote the retention and creation of value and employment in the port and industrial area of Harlingen. We also work to achieve continuity and growth opportunities for the port industry. We do this by developing and maintaining a smoothly running organisation and port community together with our stakeholders. In its director’s role, NV Port of Harlingen will ensure that by 2035 the port is the sustainable maritime and logistics heart of the Northern Netherlands.